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Whole Body Wellness

   Magna Wave PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy)
Magna Wave Oasis Bed (Whole Body Wellness)
LZR LED Ultrabright Light Therapy
Brain Tap (Assisted Meditation)
Kinesiology Taping
Rapid Release Technology
Summit Joint Supplement
Three Horses

Ocala Magna Wave & Wellness

Practitioners Kim Smith & Colby De Sales

Our mobile wellness spa is here to help you, your horses and dogs protect from future injuries, repair existing conditions and preform at your best. We offer a wide variety of the top modalities in drug free pain management, relaxation and wellness. Contact us today to learn more about MagnaWave PEMF, Oasis PEMF Bed, Brain Tap (Assisted Meditation), Kinesiology Taping, Rapid Release Therapy and LZR LED UltraBright Light Therapy. We are eager to help you achieve whole body wellness by repairing your cellular health, reducing inflammation and recharging your energy. We are located full time at World Equestrian Center next to the World Equestrian Center Grand Stadium with the purple bleachers we also schedule off site appointments.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

How we can help you reach 

whole body wellness? 

LZR LED UltraBright
Light Therapy

LZR LED Cold Laser 

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, LZR UltraBright can help to alleviate your pain by simply applying the laser to the painful spot of your body periodically in a series of treatments.

Magna Wave PEMF Oasis Bed   


  • Enhancement of Overall Mood

  • Reduction of Generalized Anxiety

  • Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

  • Sensation of Complete Relaxation/Peacefulness

  • Full and Peaceful Night’s Sleep

  • Relief from Aching/Twitching Muscles

  • Mental Clarity

  • A Feeling of Being Recharged

  • State of Induced Relaxation

  • Heightened State of Mental Awareness

  • Increased Mobility

  • Increased Creativity

Rapid Release Therapy

Rapid release technology delivers precisely targeted energy that relaxes muscles and relieves aches and pains by combining high speed vibration and a short-stroke.

Assisted Meditation      

BrainTap lets you reach deeper meditative states without years of disciplined practice, leading to mental clarity and intuition.

REVITALIZE – Our sessions are designed to build a resilient mind and fit body for life.


  • Sleep Rx

  • Weight Wellness

  • Optimal Health

  • Stress-Free Me

  • Worry-Free Me

  • Children & Learning

Kinesiology tape helps to create balance in the neural circuitry in muscles, tendons, joints, and skin.


To work to reduce pain, decrease swelling, and improve muscle performance and function.

  • Used to facilitate motion and inhibit pain

  • Flexible

  • Can improve circulation

Kinesiology Taping 
 Magna Wave PEMF     

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)  can allow the body achieve a natural state of wellness.


Magna Wave machines have a unique electrical current that runs through a copper coil that creates a pulsing magnetic field.


Using Magna Wave can stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation, and reduce inflammation. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that can improve of health without adverse side effects.


Forest Trees
This was my first experience with Magna Wave. Kim was very professional and was flexible to accommodate our needs. She met us at the barn and treated 2 horses. Both horses seemed to relax and enjoy the treatment and they felt great afterwards. I would definitely recommend Kim and Magna Wave to anyone in the Ocala area!"
- Kelly Rover
Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
Livestock Branding

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Find us next to Ralphs Diner at

WEC, World Equestrian Center Ocala 

1390 NW 80th Ave, Ocala, FL 34482

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